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  Longhorn Phone Corporation(LPC) is a global leader in telecommunication services. Founded in 1985, the company has been committed to providing wireless telecommunication services to consumers to enable increased connectivity and productivity. It has customers from over 10 countries around the world. It has over 150 branches and has its headquarters located in Austin, Texas. 

LPC has decided to migrate all of its major applications and services to Cloud at its headquarter location with the focus on transitioning to a more customer-centric organization and it calls for “Thin client” computers being installed at every desk in the company headquarters. LPC has decided to migrate its major software applications including Customer Relations Management (CRM) to cloud. Migration to cloud will decrease the costs and increase the flexibility among the servers based on the usage for the organization. LPC has decided to build its own cloud by the internal IT department mainly to protect the confidential data of the customers and to make the Cloud more secure. LPC has appointed a team which consists of a Project Manager, 2 System Analysts, 1 System Architect, 3 Programmers, 5 Database and Network Administrators, 3 Security Analysts, and 2 IT Technician Assistants. The team will build a business model, conduct risk assessment, and capture the requirements. LPC will buy the hardware and install within 30 days of the project start date which will in turn will give the team ample amount of time to install the software, build the network and test the cloud infrastructure within the project deadline. The project has been given a budget of $150,000 for migration, $100,000 for new equipment, and six months to complete the transition. 


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